• Sitopia: the power of thinking through food 

    What did you eat for breakfast? This seemingly simple question – which most of us can answer without thinking – captures the unique quality of the greatest unseen process shaping our planet. Eating is as natural to us as breathing, so we rarely stop to wonder [...]

  • Creating Pukka Herbs

    By Sebastian Pole, Co-founder of Pukka Herbs I came across the remarkable world of traditional herbal medicine in 1991 on meeting an Ayurvedic doctor (more officially, vaidya) in India.That insight into the world of Ayurvedic anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and [...]

  • The true potential of social prescribing

    Mrs Chowdry, an 81-year-old widow, notices the smell of blossom as she walks up the path. She can hear a group of people laughing in the Living Well practice kitchen as they learn how to make cordial from the flowers they’ve picked on their weekly [...]

  • Ecological pilgrimage

    To recover from ecological disaster, we humans must transform the sense of who we are in relation to the Earth. In Search of Grace is Peter Reason’s story of his ecological pilgrimage in his small yacht Coral, from Plymouth round the west coast of Ireland, [...]



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